Best Risk-Reward – YieldNodes

After several months in Crypto investing, sharing YieldNodes best risk-reward income investment I found

Yield Nodes Extraordinary Yields at manageable risk

Yieldnodes is a passive income opportunity. Yieldnodes is a server rental program. It is not a yield farming, no you do not have to stake coins or lend your crypto and a myriad other business models out there.

How does Yieldnodes work?

Yieldnodes takes your deposit and sets up servers that operate as masternodes. Also deposited funds are used to stake small volume coins which allow those servers to partake in crypto network activities and generate more coins. The proceeds are shared 85% to participants and 15% to the program (the rental payment).

The returns are dependent on crypto market and the risks depend on the specific investments. There are no guarantees of any kind of course, but you should review the historical returns. For instance, I received 8.2% on the amount I “MasterNoded” for the month of April 2022!

Please do your own research. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

How do you Invest?

There are several ways you can deposit your funds into Yieldnodes. I prefer to send BTC, which they convert instantly and deposit into my account to masternode. There is a 7-day period it takes to take the deposits and setup the nodes to start earning your income.

There are also other ways to deposit, including credit card options, which may be more expensive.

Can you withdraw funds anytime?

Yes and no. There is a 6 month lock-up of your deposit. By deposit, this is both your initial deposit and any subsequent deposits, including any monthly income payouts that you choose to reinvest in yieldnodes and Masternode.

However, to provide flexibility to withdraw in case of emergencies, there is an emergency withdrawal option. With this option you can withdraw 75% of the funds and you will lose 25% to maintain healthy masternodes and not impact other investors.

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