Google Analytics – Every Tool has its Purpose

Google Analytics (GA) is all about tracking website visitors and their page views on your website. TrendMatrix offers a different, even if somewhat related, value proposition. At TrendMatrix, our goal is to provide you actionable insights to feed directly into your marketing, sales and product operations and activate the necessary business process and achieve the optimal customer experience for

1. Increasing Trial Conversion

2. Increasing Retention

3. Increasing Customer Lifetime Value


TrendMatrix tracks customer activities that you define at an individual account level and helps you understand customer engagement at an individual level.

The Triangle – Strategy, Analytics and Execution. We believe GA stops at Analytics what we want to do is connect the dots for you to formulate your strategy, collect analytics and make it  easy to execute a plan to achieve your profitability goals.

Company Lifecycle and Customer Lifecycle have an impact on what to measure and what business processes to activate based on this. TrendMatrix provides a solution that can evolve with your customer and company lifecycle and integrate all your customer data.